Sanding and Varnishing the Old Door

Last weekend Zeno started sanding our door which was dark on one side and damaged by the sun on the other. He applied one coat of wood varnish to make it nice again and what a great result! It is evenly brown now and matches perfectly the interior of our boat like it probably did 17 years ago.

He applied a second and third coat on Saturday while it was sunny outside and our door will be like new!

Saturday was such a nice day. It started out windy but it died down around 6pm. We ran errands all morning and cleaned the boat after that, so we decided to relax in the afternoon by having a nice cold beer in the later afternoon sun and enjoying the salty breeze…


The cutest yellow fishing boat

This was taken a little while ago and I just noticed that I had it saved as a draft. For some reason today feels like the right day finally publish it. This little yellow boat showed up once and even if it was a long time ago, I remember walking by it one morning and thinking these exact words, what a cute boat!

It was pretty small in size but it looked like it had everything a fisherman would want. The colors were really what caught my attention, I believe it made me happy for the rest of day.


Diving Coral Street for the 1st Time – It was Fun!

Here we are, driving South to Monterey to discover Coral Street. A great diving spot out of Pacific Grove. Easy entry as far as it goes, you just need to walk in between rocks and it is definitely easier at high tides. Fishermen cast above on the rocks so just pay attention when you swim to out of the cove. The visibility can vary from 5 feet to 25. If the visibility is bad, stay in the canyons on the right side and if the visibility is good and the swell isn’t bad you can adventure yourself to the left behind the rock. You will reach the 30 feet depth, you don’t go there for that but more for the sea life and the kelp, although the sea urchins are eating it all.

El Wire Burning Man Mask

I am super pleased with the results!! I bought some kind of a cheap metal looking mask on Ebay and added some El Wire, ta..da…

el wire homemade mask

It took me a couple of hours to find for the right shape of mask. I wanted something that was going to take some part of my face but not too much. Then I wanted the mask to go on the sides but not so high because at night for Burning Man I will very likely wear a hoodie, especially if it is as cold as last year!

The next step was to find some El Wire. I found the smallest diameter which was 2.5mm otherwise it is hard to bend it. This one is 3 feet long which worked perfectly! I think I will probably attached the battery either to my ponytail or to my collar depending on my outfit and hair do.

I am super pleased with the results, I can’t wait to wear it with the rest of my night time costume!

The Fam’ Was in Town

beach mavericks

Zeno’s nephews and family came to visit us last weekend. His sister and 2 boys stayed at the boat and his parents at the Harbor View inn, which by Harbor view they mean, the parking of the harbor! There were 2 big weddings so everything was booked but this hotel. Usually they stay at the Oceano or Beach house hotel a bit more south. Same price as the Harbor Hotel but with an actual view on the ocean.

Anyways, it was fun to have the family over. Definitely a challenge to keep the kids busy and not have them jump on the coach or terrorize the cats, but we all made it and had a good time. We went for walks and they came to my beach cleanup on Saturday – 85 volunteers came which was totally unexpected!

The beach looks really good on this picture. We caught a bit of sun between the very heavy and wet morning and evening fog, we saw some whales and picked up some shells. A nice weekend!

Turkish Eye Necklace

oeil turque necklace

Remember when I was saying that I remembered where I get all my beads? Well, I bought this big eye in Nevada City at a hippy local store when we went to visit some family friends. I bought the smaller ones at a bead fair in San Mateo and I had the 2 medium ones in France and I brought them back to the US (or should I say, my mom sent them to me!).

It took me some time to put all these beads together, to find the right combinations to make the necklace balanced. This is one of my favorite necklace, it feels so nice when I have it around my neck, the beads move nicely and it makes a nice glass noise.

I still have that obsession for Turkish eyes, I am not sure why I like them so much. But the thing is that only own one. It is hard to make necklaces around them and I guess I am very satisfy with that one that I don’t feel the need to create another piece. This is my one and unique!

Our Friend the Heron

heron on foggy dock

This is our tall long friend, we see him so often what we should give him a name!

He hangs around the harbor, the beach nearby, and we see him also on the jetty or on the docks. The only bad thing is the bigger the bird the bigger the poop. You better watch where you step in the morning or at night…

Ah the fog… Welcome to spring in the Bay Area! We came up with some names for it with Zeno:
Frizzle = fog and drizzle, wet fog
Frain = fog and rain, very wet fog, so wet it is raining
Fog when we leave in the morning, fog when we come back from work. Better love the fog!

Salty Loves this Old Boat

salty cat on old boat

I can’t say why, but she loooooves this boat.

It is an old wooden boat that once won the 1975 trans pacific or something like that. It is completely beat up but you can tell that it was once a beauty. She is all made of teak wood and heavy brass, everything is fined and detailed.

The problem is, the owners keep the windows open and so Salty goes in there on and off. What she likes best is being in the sun, out of reach, and rubbing herself on the deck and against the scruffy ropes.

We let the cats go outside in the morning while we get ready for work, and every time she runs off and climb on that boat and every time it is a pain to get her back, but she loves it, so it is hard to say “no”…

Send Flowers not Bullets

First time using bullet shells in a necklace even though I have thought about it for a couple of years now. The color of the brass is so pretty and it is such good quality, too bad you have to have something to do with guns to get some of these.

I went to Nevada on some BLM land to find these shells. I just picked them off the ground, heh saving the planet and getting free jewelry supplies, can’t really say no to that!

Zeno helped me drill them and I spend an entire afternoon going through all my boxes and containers and bags to find the right pieces. From freshly cut strips of leather to randomly found pieces of chain, I think it worked pretty well!


Lazy Like a Seal

seals half moon bay harbor

Here they are, laying on the docks and not even paying attention to me. They come once in a while on the docks which technically is not “allowed” as they could damage them with their heavy weight but yet, they are so cute, it is hard to scare them away.

They either come on the residential side or on the fuel dock to rest, sometime you just see them swimming along, going from one side to the other always looking for some fish guts flying of the fishing boats.

I like seals. To me, they are part of this harbor and they look like huge marine teddy bears that I would like to pet!